Webwarp Util Registry


The module provides a simple object registry. By default the registry is based on Spring. The registry allows static access to object instances that is independent of the underlying component model. 

Class Overview

Using the registry

Initializing the registry

For using the registry the corresponding registry implementation must be instantiated. As a default implementation a Spring based registry implementation is available, that programmatically is instantiated as follows:

new net.sf.webwarp.util.registry.spring.SpringRegistryImpl();

or within a Spring context:

<bean id="Registry" class="net.sf.webwarp.util.registry.spring.RegistrySpringImpl" />

Accessing the registry

The registry can be accessed using the net.sf.webwarp.util.registry.RegistryUtil class:

import net.sf.webwarp.util.registry.Registry; import net.sf.webwarp.util.registry.RegstryUtil; [...] Registry registry = RegistryUtil.getRegistry(); Object byName = registry.getBean("BeanName"); Object byClass = registry.getBean(MyBean.class); Collection<MyBean> allByClass = getBeans(MyBean.class);

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