Webwarp Util Layer

General Info

As described in the architectural overview the util layer consist of several libraries that do more or less useful things. Many projets (but not all) are in fact quite simple. Util modules in fact often just provide some Helper or Util Classes when working with certain libraries or technologies. It is a design objective that util modules declare a minimum set of dependencies. In several modules some dependencies are marked as optional (non transitive) because the module provides adaptations for multiple technologies (e.g. JSF, Struts, Facelets, Standard JSP-Tags).

Using a Webwarp Util Module

For using a Webwarp utility module  in a project you simply add the following dependency to your Maven POM (of course you have to exchange the XXX with the according module name. It is also recommended that you check the modules site for a new stable version before rolling out for production).

<dependency> <groupdId>net.sf.webwarp.util</groupId> <artifactId>webwarp-util-XXX</artifactId> <version>1.0.0</version> </dependency>

Modules Overview

The following modules are currently available in the Webwarp util layer: